Secure the Future with Human-Centric Security


Virtual Event — June 3rd, 2021

Hackers don't hack companies, they hack people. This is why we believe a human-centric approach is the future of enterprise security. We created this event to help you rally your business around a human-centric strategy, and give you the tools to become a security trailblazer.

Join us to learn first-hand from industry heavy-weights, share experiences and ideas with peers, and to, ultimately, be part of the trailblazing community that's passionate about putting people at the heart of enterprise security.

Registration for the event is now closed but you can still catch the content on the HLS On-Demand Hub

Meet Our Speakers

Hear Industry Leaders' Stories

Jerry Perullo

CISO, ICE | New York Stock Exchange

Bobby Ford

SVP/Chief Security Officer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Ian Bishop-Laggett

CISO, Schroders Personal Wealth

James McQuiggan

Security Awareness Advocate, KnowBe4

Katerina Sibinovska

CISO, Intertrust

Punit Rajpara

Head of IT and Business Systems, GoCardless

Samy Kamkar

Co-founder, Openpath Security

Tim Sadler

Co-founder and CEO, Tessian

Ed Bishop

Co-founder and CTO, Tessian

Henry Trevelyan Thomas

VP of Customer Success, Tessian

Kelli Hogan

Head of Marketing Communications, Tessian

Robyn Savage, 

Customer Success Lead, Tessian

Human Layer Security Summit Agenda

Virtual Event — June 3rd, 2021

The Future of Enterprise Security Relies on People, Not Machines

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[Marketing][Summit][2021-06] Agenda-6

Want to Scale Your Enterprise Security Program? Start With These 3 Human-Centric Strategies


[Marketing][Summit][2021-06] Icon-2

7:10AM PST | 10:10AM EST | 3:10PM BST | 4:10PM CET

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[Marketing][Summit][2021-06] Agenda-2a

Hacks in the Headlines: An Ethical Hacker Explains How CISOs Can Prevent the Next SolarWinds Attack


[Marketing][Summit][2021-06] Icon-2

7:35AM PST | 10:35AM EST | 3:35PM BST | 4:35PM CET

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[Marketing][Summit][2021-06] Agenda-3

How GoCardless Won Over Employees and Execs by Making Security an Enabler

[Marketing][Summit][2021-06] Icon-2

7:45AM PST | 10:45AM EST | 3:45PM BST | 4:45PM CET

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[Marketing][Summit][2021-06] Agenda-4

Stop Human Error, Stop Data Breaches: Change Employee Behavior (and Prove It) With Human Layer Security 

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8:10AM PST | 11:10AM EST | 4:10PM BST | 5:10PM CET

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[Marketing][Summit][2021-06] Agenda-5-1

Lessons from a Security Trailblazer: Q&A with Jerry Perullo, CISO, ICE | New York Stock Exchange

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8:35AM PST | 11:35AM EST | 4:35PM BST |  5:35PM CET

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[Marketing][Summit][2021-06] Agenda-6-1

Watch the Trailer Now

Watch the Trailer Now

Watch the Trailer Now

@Tessian #humanlayersecurity Recognizing that you have to create a secure remote workforce. Furthermore, educating the employees to learn that they need to create a secure workspace even at home. 


@Natasha_Hong, Google


Spending my morning learning about #humanlayersecurity with @Tessian. Thank you for this excellent learning opportunity. 


@Rachel_Beard, Salesforce


Excellent topics and speakers today live on #humanlayersecurity summit.  #ciso #ccmmc #vciso #cybersecurity


@Richard Moorman, CISO


Wow! The Tessian team knows how to put together a high impact summit. The amazing speakers and product release details were inspiring. 




Currently attending @Tessian's Human Layer Security Summit. Really interesting to hear some of the discussions and views from peers across different sectors. Particularly interesting to hear how others tackle the human layer. 

#cybersecurity #Security #Infosec #humanlayersecurity

@Lee.K, Director at EMW Law 


"Security is a journey, not a destination" - Jeff Hancock. 

i.e.When people believe in their company's ethos, security falls in line - because everyone naturally takes care in their work.

Great insights from the first session of @Tessian Summit #humanlayersecurity




I found it very informative for me, and I hope that people will share with others in the company as well. It will be hugely beneficial for everyone. 



Great success often follows the alignment of visionary leadership, incredible product, team and culture. Tessian is absolutely on the path! 





#humanlayersecurity @Tessian it was shocking for me to find out that the top cause of data breaches is misdirected emails. This is concerning especially as we are moving to have everything digitized. We need to take many precautions regarding this and be on top of it.